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WGI Tulsa: Volunteers

Thank you for helping us host the 2020 WGI Tulsa Regional here on the campus of Union High School on March 7!

This page has just a bit of extra info pertinent to some of our student volunteers, thought most of what you need to know about volunteering for this event will be found on the shifts sign-up site (link below). 

If you are a Union H.S. Band student participating in the OSSAA District Solo/Ensemble Contest on March 7 (much of which takes place during the morning and afternoon hours), we ask you to please sign up for an evening volunteer position at WGI Tulsa. If, once the Solo/Ensemble schedule is posted from OSSAA, your scheduled performance time also permits serving in additional daytime WGI shifts, then we certainly welcome you to sign up for as many shifts as you are interested in and able to. 

Click here to sign up for student volunteer shifts

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