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World's Finest Chocolate

Last Updated 1/29/2020


Chocolate-Covered Almonds
•  Sells for $2.00 per box
•  Contains 30 boxes per case checked out
•  Profit: $1.00 per box sold ($30.00 per case sold)

Chocolate Bars
•  Sells for $1.00 per bar
•  Contains 60 bars per case checked out
•  Cases contain five chocolate bar flavors: Milk, Dark, Almond, Carmel, Crisp
•  Profit: $0.50 per bar sold ($30.00 per case sold)

Macy's Chocolate Sales Contest

• ELIGIBILE PARTICIPANTS: all students signed up to go to Macy's
• CONTEST DATES: Tuesday, January 7th 2020 through Thursday, October 15th 2020
• Each month, January through September, the student who sells the most cases of World’s Finest Chocolate will receive $100 in their CHARMS account. This is in addition to the $30 you currently receive for each case of chocolate sold.  A case is considered sold on the day the sales money is received by UBPC and posted to your CHARMS Fundraising Ledger.
• For every 5 cases of chocolate sold, you will earn an entry for the $500 Grand Prize drawing in October. The $500 Grand Prize will be deposited in the winning students CHARMS account.
• Any and all ties will be determined by random drawing for the monthly $100 prizes.
• Monthly prizes will be awarded the following month. I.E. the January winner will receive their $100 the first week in February.
• Grand Prize drawing will take place on October 15th 2020.
• Official Letter from our World's Finest Distributor


Order Middle School Band Students Fundraiser Chocolate
• 6th Grade Band - click here to order
• 7th Grade Band - click here to order
• 8th Grade Band - click here to order
• Middle School Guard - click here to order
• High School Band - click here to order

Checking Out Chocolate to Sell
•  Students/Parents may check out boxes when UBPC Fundraising is open for business during resource times. (see Fundraising Hours below for details). Middle School members orders may also be picked up from thier band director after completing the above order form.

•  Payments may be turned in to the school's band office drop box or turned into a treasurer at a Resource Night.
•  Money for chocolate is expected to be turned in to UBPC Fundraising within 30 days of check-out (turn-in times are the same as check-out). Cash OR Check made payable to 'UBPC' are acceptable payments. Please avoid sending coins in the envelope.
•  The student's CHARMS account will be credited with $30 for every case sold. This profit may be applied towards band student fees or trip payments.

•  UBPC does not accept product returns for chocolate.
•  Students may not sell chocolate on school grounds during school hours.

Fundraising Days & Hours of Operation (pick-up/turn-in/check-out)
UBPC Resource Times - exact dates / times / locations communicated via Charms email/text communications

How We Communicate
Sign up for REMIND: text @ubpc-fundr to 81010

For information/questions about fundraising please contact: or
(please include your student name and grade)

For information/questions about your student account please contact: or
(please include your student name and grade)

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