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Many Union Bands events and coordinated / affiliate events are ticketed using the Ludus Tickets system. 

FAQ about Ludus Tickets

What is Ludus? Where is Ludus?
Ludus is an online ticketing program that is in partnership with the CHARMS system and is easily accessible by logging into your student's CHARMS account and clicking the little grasshopper Ludus guy!  You can also visit our Union Bands home Ludus site here.

I purchased my tickets on Ludus and it says I have to pick them up at Will Call.  Where's Will Call?UBPC is using Ludus to handle the hard work of our bulk ticket orders.  These orders are collected in our Ludus system, then the order is placed through the appropriate organization (OBA, BOA, etc.) so that our seats area are all ordered at the same time and we can all sit together.  OBA, BOA, etc. then mails the tickets to us and we will notify you via email with information about how to pick your tickets up from UBPC. In other words, UBPC is your Will Call and our office is always on the go.   

When purchasing my reserved finals tickets, I got to checkout and it says GA (General Admission) next to my tickets.  I want reserved seating!  Is this a mistake?
General Admission is a term that Ludus uses when it doesn't require you to pick your seat when you purchase your ticket.  Since our tickets will be shipped to us in a large group, you cannot pick your seat before we place our order.  Your seats are in the reserved seating and when the bulk order arrives, we will assign your seats for your tickets based on the size of your group.  When in doubt, read the description of your ticket and ignore Ludus at check out!

I didn't receive a confirmation email from Ludus and  it hurts my feelings to be ignored like this.
Please email president@unionbands.com if you do not receive a confirmation email so we can find out why.  We certainly do not want you to miss out on reserving your tickets if there is mistake!

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